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Discover The Truth Behind Folate and Anxiety in this Short Course

Take this short course by 20+ year mental health naturopathic practitioner Dr. Gil Winkelman, and discover the connection between folate and anxiety, and why it could make your anxiety worse.

Are you struggling with Anxiety, Depression, or OCD?

You May Be Taking the Wrong Supplements

Have you tried countless vitamins and supplements, only to have more anxiety, not less? Are you wondering if you should take methylated folate instead of folinic acid as a natural anxiety treatment? Or even if it matters?

Many people experience adverse side effects from traditional supplements, especially when it comes to folate.

This short course puts an end to your questions about folate and anxiety.

For over 20 years, Dr. Gil Winkelman has treated mental health cases using a natural approach based on science. Now, he’s offering a short e-course that explains in detail why some supplements, like folate, aren’t suitable for everyone.

Course Highlights—Why You Should Take This Course

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Have I been Taking the Wrong Supplements All Along?

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Methylation and Folate: Learn why folate, often recommended, isn’t always beneficial.


  • Unique Insights and Practical Solutions: Discover why folate might make you feel worse and what to do instead.
  • Expert Guidance from Dr. Gil Winkelman: Benefit from Dr. Winkelman’s 20-plus years of successful experience treating anxiety, depression, and OCD in a wide range of patients.

How You Benefit

Clarity & Confidence

This course clears up any confusion surrounding benefits of methyl folate, including how under and over-methylation terms are used in the market, which leads to confusion.

Practical Knowledge

Get actionable insights to make better decisions for your mental health.

Personalized Approach

Learn why your epigenetics matters and how to determine which supplements are right for you.

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What People Have to Say About Dr Winkelman

- “Dr. Gil has such a wealth of knowledge. I can’t give him enough praise; I came in due to horrible migraines (daily). I never considered going to a naturopath, but he came so highly recommended that I figured I had nothing to lose. Well, I’ve been migraine-free for about four weeks now! Pretty amazing. Thank you, Dr. Gil!” -IO

- “I feel like Dr. Gil pushed the reset button on my brain. ” Meredith T.

- “After being diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), I struggled to find quality care that addressed the psychological aspects of the injury until I found Dr. Gil. The neurofeedback and a tailored supplement regimen informed by lab testing have dramatically helped with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and irritability that significantly worsened as a result of the MTBI.”- Jess B.

Why Anxiety Sufferers Love This Short-Course

Unique content

You won’t find the information presented in this course offered in such an easily digestible way anywhere else. Dr. Winkelman briefly summarizes the most essential information you need to know to leverage folate and other supplements for your mental health while clearly explaining methyl folate benefits.

Proven expertise

  • This course was designed and written by an expert in mental health wellness. Backed by two decades of successful patient outcomes, you’ll find the course helpful and potentially life-changing in your search for a natural anxiety treatment!

Empathetic approach

Dr. Winkelman presents highly scientific information with an empathic, welcoming tone. He also offers a helpful workflow chart to guide you if you react poorly to folate supplements. His goal is to help you feel better through factual, step-by-step solutions.

Find Out Once and For All If Folate is Right for You.

Ready to dive deeper?

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